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K. Allen Cross

   I have always been fascinated by the 'end of the world'. Will there be a great cataclysm in our future in the form of another giant asteroid or the Yellowstone super volcano erupting to obliterate the sun for many years?  Quite possibly, but I doubt it will be the end of all life. 65 million years ago I don't think the dinosaurs were expecting that a giant asteroid would come down and ruin their day. Not being the best at pre-planning, they didn't fare too well. 13 thousand years ago, megafauna (mammoths, giant sloths, saber toothed cats) also ran into a very tough day.  That was not the end of all live either.

   Science tells us that there have been several extinction events on Earth in the last two billion years. Although each has caused great havoc, none have been the 'end'. Life found a way to go on. Will we? And if we do, it is quite possible that at least a portion of the ones who do survive will not be humans as we know them. Will science save us, then become folklore & legend to the new races? Will our current technology be viewed as magic? Wonderful things to speculate on.

One thing is certain however. When the survivors of the next great event crawl out of their shelters and cast their tired gaze upon ruins of what was, they will still face the same old problems.

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A freak thunderstorm deposits Robert Trevor and his restored WW-II F6F Hellcat fighter plane in a cornfield far from 21st century Kansas. It doesn't take him long to realize he is lost in a land mired in a medieval caste system. When a wily wizard coerces him into helping the local people fight a merciless enemy, Robert enlists the magical help of a beautiful green-skinned servant named Jenny. Before he can look for a way home, he has to survive air battles and learn the truth about the world into which he has flown.


Robert Trevor is a 21st century man catapulted through time to a post-apocalyptic Earth. Honored as a saint of a goddess in which he doesn't believe in, Robert fights to remove slavery from the land before his own daughter is sold into it. When the King bans all rescue efforts for people found living beneath a melting glacier,Robert sneaks off to help before it's too late. His struggles are further complicated by an old foe looking for revenge. Robert's only hope is to find and then magically reconstruct his old F6F Hellcat fighter plane.


On a post-apocalyptic Earth, three friends embark on a summertime river trip. Brad, Rob and Mindy seek to rekindle their childhood friendships and have a few day of fun and relaxation.

What they find is a hair-raising journey against denizens of the river, as well as each other. Their ill-fated excursion plunges them into disaster in this rapid paced fantasy.



This next set of books dives deeper into the future-fantasy aspects of the post-apocalyptic world. As the series goes on, so does the passage of time. The young heroes & newly weds evolve into the parents. Technology also begins to slip back into people's lives for good - and bad. Each book builds on the last chronologically, but each one is a separate story that does not rely on the others.

A mysterious artifact of unsure origin. Some say druids made it. Others claim it was crafted in the Abyss. Eric Carvon is the human warrior commissioned to retrieve the Orb for a powerful wizard. The raid Eric leads to capture the orb goes afoul. Searching for the wizard who tricked him into the disastrous raid that killed all his men, Eric learns of the true evil trying to drive the races apart. He must also put his trust in the very elves he had been trying to destroy. Eric must face harsh truths, the worst being that everything he had fought for previously was a carefully plotted lie.


Chaos reins, evil is spreading across the land wielding power in the form of mutated creatures and terrifying devices. Who is left to stand in their way of conquering the world?

A warrior who was unable to save his beloved wife from a brutal death and is now suicidal. A priestess who is unsure of herself. A promiscuous druid trying to cope with her brother / lover. A shadowy figure known to be a rapist and murderer....

And these people have to save the world?

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Kings,Lords, and generals are winding up dead, all from the same cause. When Lord Zodiac and one of his wives are found dead, Samantha discovers that a clever assassin is at work. Being young and full of raging hormones, she is not the best choice to hunt the killer down. Her demonic looks and the occasional flare of temper makes her a rather poor choice. However, she is the only one who can ’feel’ the assassin’s presence.
   To add to her difficulties, her father is made the new King, and her family is scattered across the land to bring order to the rising chaos. A neighboring Kingdom also sees their plight as an opportunity to extend their land. Samantha must not only find the assassin, but a way to avert war, and root out the one responsible. All while she desperately searches for a man to understand her.

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I also have a fun story in the anthology, From Within the Mist. The story is called The Druid Alicianara, a noble woman's nightmare. For the time being, this book is in e-book format only.
   Ashton Orenthal is a normal teenage boy, for a Driudic family.  Alicianara Orenthal is a refined lady of noble birth and Ashton's step-mother.  When they are ambushed on the road, the tension between them bursts wide open.